The impact of the biotechnology in Brazilian seed industry

Abstract: This study presents an analysis of the biotechnology sector in Brazil, with focus in seed production and commercialization. The global firms in the biotechnology activities have a strong knowledge and technology control, including in the seed research. Brazil is a strong agriculture commodities producer and exporter, as the soybean, the corn/maize and the cotton. The multinational firms entrance strategies in Brazil was oriented by acquisitions of the national firms and technology alliances in order to have the technology and market control. The methodology to conduct the analysis was published data exploration. The results indicated a high level concentration in the sector. In the maize seed market the Monsanto, a private company, is the main player. In the soybean production, the EMBRAPA, Brazilian public research institute, has the seed market control. In the cotton seed market there is a equilibrium share between public and private companies.

Key-words: seed market – Brazil - biotechnology - technology control – strategies

Trabalho apresentado no 12th International Conference on Management of Techonology IAMOT- may 13-13, 2003, Nancy, France

Data de Publicação: 06/10/2003

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