A new research planning model: prospecting for agricultural demands in Brazil

ABSTRACT: The article discusses the new research planning model in Brazil, emphasizing the importance of its application in agriculture. It points to a shift from the model based on the researcher's observations (regarding the problems of agriculture) to that based on demands coming from the agribusiness. The authors defend a research model able to strengthen the relationships between governmental institutions and their users, making use of systemic analysis and through a multidisciplinary, inter-institucional focus. The value of projecting future scenarios while planning research for public institutions is also stressed.

Trabalho apresentado no XX IASP WORLD CONFERENCE ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PARKS - June 1-4, 2003 - Lisbon, Portugal

Data de Publicação: 18/11/2003

Autor(es): Nilda Tereza Cardoso De Mello (nilmello@iea.sp.gov.br) Consulte outros textos deste autor
Elizabeth Alves e Nogueira (enogueira@iea.sp.gov.br) Consulte outros textos deste autor
Consulte outros textos deste autor