The Institute

The Institute of Agricultural Economics (IEA), within the São Paulo´s Agency for Agribusiness Technology (APTA), linked to the Departament of Agriculture and Provision (SAA), came about in 1942, in order to research, analyze, generate and disseminate statistical data as well as economic information to comply with the demands of agriculture and society.

The main objectives of the Institute are as follows: 
• Developing socio-economic research on agriculture and cattle breeding. 
• Producing information and statistical data. 
• Public Policy Advising for the agricultural and cattle breeding sector. 
• Disseminating research results 
• Keeping and making available a database

IEA's present activities are directed towards researchers, teachers, students, government, producers, co-operative associations and all parties which need information on Agricultural Economics and Social relations.

IEA`s main research and study focus areas are as follows:
• Agricultural Markets 
• Public Policies 
• Regional Development 
• Rural development and Administration 
• International Trade 
• Environment 
• Socio-economic Relations 
• Statistical data and econometrics 
• Bioenergy

Currently, this website is the main means of disseminating such studies. It makes available a database, which is daily updated, and three magazines: Economic information (IE), Agricultural Economics Magazine (REA) as well as Analysis and 
Indicators for Agribusiness (AIA). The first two magazines have also print version.


Our mission is to generate, adapt and transfer scientific knowledge and data on current economics applied to agribusiness, aiming at its economical development. We highlight the following competences:

Analyzing public policies and proposing measures by pursuing competitiveness of agribusiness and several production-related chains;

Developing studies and proposing business strategies for both domestic and international markets; 

Transferring knowledge by means of courses, seminars, workshops and consulting, in order to capacitate agribusiness agents and society;

Contributing to the sustainable development of agribusiness;

Providing courses, seminars, lectures and workshops.


Products and Services

Statistical information, socio-economic and environmental analysis

Agricultural economics Database  

Library with specialized archives in agricultural economics and related issues

Specialized publications in agricultural economics

Public Policy analysis and proposals 

Specific softwares for local and regional agricultural development

Consulting Services for the Public and Private Sector

Courses, seminars and workshops